AUGUST 2019  


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The 2019 Oregon Rental Housing Association

Forms Manual is available now! Completely revised.

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Oregon Rental Housing Association is now offering the “Application to Rent, Form 1” free to all members.

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Mind Your Business – Tia’s Tips for Better Rental Management

By Tia Politi, Lane Co ROA President

SB 608 and Property Sales

With the passage of SB 608, buyers, sellers and realtors are finding that the law’s mandates are dramatically changing the world of property sales when there are tenancies of more than one year in place. The new law restricts a landlord’s ability to terminate a tenancy of more than one year to a for-cause termination, or for one of four Qualifying Landlord Reasons: 1) the property is being demolished or converted to a different use within a reasonable time; 2) the landlord intends to undertake repairs or renovations to the property within a reasonable time and the property will be unsafe or unfit for occupancy during repairs or renovations; 3) the landlord intends for the landlord or a member of the landlord’s immediate family to occupy the dwelling unit as a primary residence and the landlord does not own a comparable unit in the same building available that is available for occupancy; or 4) the landlord is selling the property separately from any other unit to a buyer who intends in good faith to occupy the dwelling unit as their primary residence.

It’s becoming clear that especially for sellers of single-family homes, planning will need to start well in advance of offering their property for sale.

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Why Your Members Need New Forms and New Manuals

By Tia Politi, ORHA Forms Committee Chair

Dear Local Associations of the ORHA,

Usually, when ORHA produces a new Forms Manual or Law Book, we work to create an insert or guide that can be added to the previous manual that allows it to be used longer, saving our members money. With the addition of so many new forms, and so many updates to established forms, the board feels that this is not a good option. We are encouraging you to urge your members to purchase the new ORHA Forms Manual 2019 and dispose of the old one. We are moving toward the idea of creating a system or how-to guide for property management in Oregon, and so have revamped the order of the Forms Manual by putting the educational sections, “Delivery of Notices” and “Delivering Possession,” before the forms themselves.

We exist to protect and serve the interests of our members, and one of the most valuable things we can teach them is the importance of perfecting service of notice. Failure to select the right form, fill it out properly, calculate time correctly, and serve it perfectly are the most common cause of landlord loss in the courtroom and imposition of money judgments owing to the tenant.

Cloud Miller of TVRA is encouraging members who are reluctant to get a new manual by requiring them to have one if they want his help on the Helpline related to forms. He then teaches them how to find the answers by taking them through the answer in the manual. It has the added benefit of reducing calls.

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Portland City Council Approves Tenant-Screening Ordinance

The Portland City Council has approved a controversial tenant-screening ordinance by a vote of 3-1, with one council member and former landlord dissenting from the group saying the ordinance will drive up housing costs for both renters and landlords. The approval of the controversial ordinance led by Commissioner Chloe Eudaly and supported by tenants’ rights groups, would restrict the way landlords may screen tenants before they sign a lease, with the aim of addressing discrimination and requiring more consideration for people who have criminal records. It also places “first-in-time” rules for landlords to accept applications. It is scheduled to take effect next year.


ORHA Education Classes

Call your local Association for details

Your Association can provide Continuing Education Certificates that allow you to sharpen your skills and allow continued practice of service in your industry.


1-2 Hour Classes


Class Name

Ask an Attorney - by an attorney

Form #60 - One Form Does It All

Landlording Basics

Maintenance For Rental Owners

Move In's/ Move Out's - Procedures

Property Management 101 LLT Law

Tenant Screening Simplified

The Art Of Collection

Major Disasters - Now What?

Ask A Tax Professional - by a tax person

Establishing Your Rental Policy

How To Attract The Best Tenant

My Tenant Died! Now What?

The Tenant, The Roommate And The Aftermath

So Now You Are A Rental Owner

Eviction/Mediation Role Play

SB 608

Lease Violations


3 - 4 Hour Classes


Class Name

Land Lording 101

Land Lording 102

Land Lording 103

Lease Violations


Maintenance Issues - Do Not Delay

Getting the Best Tenants

Forms Update




Education in Property Management

ORHA offers workshops and seminars to our member locals to improve skills in managing property.  ORHA is a certified provider with the state of Oregon and these courses qualify as hours required for licensed certification. Presenters have extensive experience in the property management field.


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