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MARCH 2019  


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Bill To Ban Landlords From Charging Pet Rent Introduced In Oregon

Saying it unfairly penalizes animal and pet owners, legislators in Oregon have introduced a bill to ban landlords from charging pet rent.

Three Oregon legislators—Reps. Rob Nosse (D-Portland), Karin Power (D-Milwaukie), and Tawna Sanchez (D-Portland)—have filed a bill that proposes to outlaw pet rent, according to The Oregonian‘s Gordon Friedman, who first spotted the bill.

“I understand the importance of deposits to account for possible tenant pet damage,” Power told Willamette Week, “but pet rent unfairly increases a tenant’s cost to rent without any causal relationship to the impact that their pet may or may not have on the premises.

Pet Rent Penalty

“Pet rent simply penalizes pet ownership by charging a premium to those tenants, and can be exorbitant—more than a few hundred dollars a year,” she said.

House Bill 2683 would prohibit landlords that allow pets from charging tenants additional rent or fees based on possession of pets.

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Should I accept credit card payments as rent?

Using credit cards can be a tricky game, especially when using them for rent payments.

Do you earn points or miles for travel when you use them? Do you only pay the minimum each month? Or do you pay cash and focus on staying debt free? It gets even trickier when you are deciding whether to use credit cards for large recurring bills such as rent.

Using a credit card to pay rent could be a great way to streamline payments when your monthly expenses and paychecks don’t line up, or it could be a good way to get into major debt.

We’re going to review the pros and cons of using a credit card to pay rent.

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Soft Credit Pulls Help Property Managers Attract Better Applicants

Soft credit pulls can help property managers and landlords attract and engage the best renters, according to some new research from Equifax.

Unlike hard credit pulls, soft credit pulls do not impact a consumer’s credit score. This leaves renters in more competitive rental markets more likely to apply to multiple properties without worrying about harming their credit.

As a result, property managers and owners are more likely to attract better applicants and engage the renters who are most likely to pay rent on time – who may be the same renters concerned with having multiple hard credit pulls impacting their credit score.

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Portland Mayor To Take On Short-Term Fake Rental Owners And Airbnb

Back in August Portland auditors found about 80 percent of short-term rentals operate illegally, and now the Portland Tribune in an excellent article has exposed a fictitious Airbnb host named Nadia who claimed to live in Portland, Seattle and San Diego and had hundreds of short-term rental listings.

Portland’s short-term rental regulations require hosts to get a Type A or Type B permit depending on the size of the rental and follow certain restrictions:

The host must occupy the residence at least nine months of the year

The rental property must be the primary residence of the host

A maximum of 25 percent of units in a multi-family building may be rented

Rentals must be for less than 30 days




Simple Ways to Make Tenants Feel at Home

The landlord-tenant relationship is critical to successful property management, and like any relationship, a good one requires care to foster mutual respect.

You want a tenant who is respectful of amenities and responsible with up-keeping tasks—changing the air filter, maintaining a pest-free living space, or making sure the water is running in winter. And a tenant wants to feel that you are invested in both them and the property. A tenant who feels that you are ready to meet their needs is more likely to reciprocate your attentiveness by being thoughtful in their dealings with you and your property.

A good relationship means both parties have a vested interest in each other’s success. For the landlord, this means that a tenant is less likely to ignore a payment, fail to maintain the property, and is more willing to come forward in as soon as possible to warn about emergent circumstances.

So, what are ways that you can foster that relationship so that your tenants feel valued?

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Education in Property Management

ORHA offers workshops and seminars to our member locals to improve skills in managing property.  ORHA is a certified provider with the state of Oregon and these courses qualify as hours required for licensed certification. Presenters have extensive experience in the property management field.


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