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MAY 2019  


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by Tia Politi - Lane Co ROA President - ORHA Secretary

New forms are finally ready! The mandates of SB608 created the need for change to some of our forms and the creation of new ones, a challenge for our volunteers who hold day jobs while working furiously early mornings and weekends to create forms, have them undergo an attorney review, send them to the designer and then to formatted and uploaded to the Oregon Rental Housing Association (ORHA) Forms Store ( 

The ORHA had completed the 2018 Forms Manual, when we received notification that SB 608 was coming down the pike causing the publishing of that manual to come to a screeching halt. As I reported previously, the ORHA Board of Directors voted to postpone the release of the manual, create and update forms that would comply with the new legislation, and then update the manual once more. I don’t have a definite date when that will be released, but what we were hoping to do was provide a companion guide that along with the 2016 Forms Manual would allow users to keep and use those books a bit longer. With the substantial changes stemming from SB 608, the forms committee does not think that is a realistic option any more and will be recommending that members dispose of their old manuals and purchase new ones.



What to do if the deposit doesn’t cover the damage or unpaid rent

You did the right thing in collecting a security deposit. But what happens when that deposit isn’t enough to cover damages or unpaid rent?

Most landlords collect a security deposit equal to one month’s rent at move-in time to cover any damages or unpaid rent at move-out time. But if there were extensive damages to the property or if the tenant left without paying last month’s rent and there were damages, you’re out some money, and that isn’t right.

You have options, though. Let’s explore the

City Council Delays Action on Controversial Portland Proposed Tenant Screening Ordinance

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SB 608: New Procedures for Landlords since February 28, 2019. Learn the changes to rent increase restrictions, lease violations and implications for length of renting. This class can be one or two hours, and CEU's are offered for Brokers Licenced Property Managers.

Evictions: From beginning to the end of the process, learn the process for eviction due to non-payment of rent. This includes role playing so participants can practice the flow of the process. This class can be one-two hours and offers CEU's For Brokers and Licenced Property Managers.

Lease Violations: This class teaches lease violations and the ORHA forms that address each violation. You will learn the importance of documenting violations at the time they occur, and what to do if the tenant cures the violation or does not cure the violation in time. This class has been adapted to include SB 608 implications for landlords. This class can be one-two hours and offers CEU's For Brokers and Licenced Property Managers.

Please contact Jann Pate at to inquire. The ORHA Education Committee would like to offer classes in your area.


Jann Pate, Education Chair


City Council Delays Action on Controversial Portland Proposed Tenant Screening Ordinance

Further action on a controversial Portland tenant screening ordinance has been delayed until at least May, according to several reports.

Landlords told the Portland City Council in early April that the new proposed tenant screening ordinance was unnecessary.

Most landlords testifying before the Portland City Council on the proposed new city regulations on tenant screening and deposits were opposed to the new rules for various reasons.

Now the ordinance’s main backer, Commissioner Chloe Eudaly, has delayed the vote on the new renter protections she is proposing, according to the Portland Tribune.

Eudaly’s policy director, Jamey Duhamel, told Willamette Week the possible changes contemplated at City Hall are focused on whether there’s a way to make the requirements less onerous for the real estate industry while still requiring accountability and enforcement. “I feel really confident we’re working well with our colleagues and that what we bring back on May 23 is going to be a really solid policy in mitigating discrimination in rental housing.”

The ordinance, supported by tenants’ rights groups, would restrict the way landlords screen tenants before they sign a lease, with the aim of addressing discrimination and requiring more consideration for people who have criminal records.



10 landscaping tips to save water

Whether you’re a landlord or a tenant, there are ways to save water without busting the budget on initial changes. Before beginning any project, review any HOA or city/county restrictions on landscaping. And tenants should always discuss landscaping ideas with the landlord before adding or removing lawn, shrubs, or trees.

5 suggestions for landlords

Implementing water-saving measures can range from repairing a faulty sprinkler system to fully renovating the landscape. Adding plants, shrubs, and trees suited to the local climate reduces the time required to maintain the landscape as well as reducing water usage.

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Education in Property Management

ORHA offers workshops and seminars to our member locals to improve skills in managing property.  ORHA is a certified provider with the state of Oregon and these courses qualify as hours required for licensed certification. Presenters have extensive experience in the property management field.


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