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Landlords and Rent Control

What landlords need to keep in mind

Even if rent control isn’t an issue in your community yet, it may be coming. For landlords, it’s always important to stay aware of what's happening in your community. Pay attention to the local news where your rental is located and attend town meetings if possible. As a real estate investor, you can make your voice heard.

City and state legislation tends to focus on two core issues: the cost of rent and the process of eviction. As you determine your budget and the rent you need to charge, know that city or state regulations may limit your rents now or in the future by updating legislation.

As we’ve seen with the examples above, most laws and ordinances aren’t universal -- there are generally different rules depending on the size and age of the building. Know where your property falls with regard to your local legislation.

Eviction is never an easy process, but most laws favor tenants. As a landlord, you’ll need to understand the process in your area before you need to go through it. Documentation of reasons for eviction is critical. Keep as many records as possible documenting the situation. While it’s impossible to predict the future, one way to lessen your chances of having to evict a tenant is through careful screening.

Individual real estate investors can be an important part of the affordable housing crisis and by staying aware they can protect both themselves and their tenants.

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ORHA Forms Store

Oregon Rental Housing Association is now offering the “Application to Rent, Form 1” free to all members.

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Should I Be a Section 8 Landlord?

One of the many decisions a landlord faces when establishing a rental property is determining whether the property will accept Section 8 tenants. The Housing Choice Voucher Program (historically and commonly referred to as Section 8 housing) provides assistance to very low-income families to afford decent, safe, and sanitary housing.

This is a great program from the low-income tenant’s perspective, but landlords are often unsure of whether they should accept a tenant with a Section 8 voucher. To help you decide, we’ve provided some information to help you with your decision making process.


Section 8 Housing is a federally funded program, administered by your local housing authority, that helps low income families and individuals find housing they otherwise could not afford. Those who meet the income qualifications are given a voucher through the Housing Choice Voucher Program that covers a percentage of their monthly rental payment.

Section 8 Housing is organized by state programs and their local housing authorities. For example, the California Public Housing Authority states on their website that they “receive funds directly from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), and uses funds to administer the vouchers to beneficiaries of the program”.

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   Delivery of Notices


Did you know that most Owners/Agents who lose eviction cases do so because they miscounted the days or hours on a notice or they delivered the notice incorrectly. The “Delivery of Notices” section is a great reference to aide in your success. Get this and more useful information in the 2019 Forms Manual. Stop by your local chapter to get a copy today!





Portland Regulators Get Tough New Registration Deal with Airbnb

Portland regulators, through the city’s revenue department,t have reached a memorandum of understanding with Airbnb requiring the short-term rental company to provide data to the city and to remove listings that violate Portland’s regulations.

Airbnb will have to provide the city the names and addresses of hosts to the city.

Thomas Lannom, the director of Portland’s Revenue Bureau, called the data-sharing agreement “the toughest in the nation” in an email to the mayor and city council, according to reports.

“We appreciate Airbnb’s willingness to engage with the City of Portland on the pass-through registration data-sharing agreement. We look forward to turning the page on our past disagreements,” Lannom said in a release.

Effective November 1, 2019, Airbnb will launch an online registration system requiring new hosts to share their data with the City of Portland and asking existing hosts to allow their data to be shared with the city. Hosts that do not consent to having their data shared will be removed from the Airbnb website by January 1, 2020.

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ORHA Education Classes

Call your local Association for details

Your Association can provide Continuing Education Certificates that allow you to sharpen your skills and allow continued practice of service in your industry.


1-2 Hour Classes


Class Name

Ask an Attorney - by an attorney

Form #60 - One Form Does It All

Landlording Basics

Maintenance For Rental Owners

Move In's/ Move Out's - Procedures

Property Management 101 LLT Law

Tenant Screening Simplified

The Art Of Collection

Major Disasters - Now What?

Ask A Tax Professional - by a tax person

Establishing Your Rental Policy

How To Attract The Best Tenant

My Tenant Died! Now What?

The Tenant, The Roommate And The Aftermath

So Now You Are A Rental Owner

Eviction/Mediation Role Play

SB 608

Lease Violations


3 - 4 Hour Classes


Class Name

Land Lording 101

Land Lording 102

Land Lording 103

Lease Violations


Tenant Violations

Fair Housing and Reasonable Accommodations

Dark Side of Property Management

Landlord Tenant Law Introduction/Review

Move Out to Collections

Marketing, Screening, and Applicable Fair Housing Laws

Maintenance Issues - Do Not Delay

Getting the Best Tenants

Forms Update






It's Here !!

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The 2019 Oregon Rental Housing Association

Forms Manual is available now! Completely revised.

A must have for any private landlord or property manager.

With the passage of senate bill 608, several forms designed by ORHA have been updated to reflect the changes in the law. This manual is an instructional guide on how and when to use these forms.

Call or stop by your local ROA office to get your copy.

For more information, call the ORHA office at:







Education in Property Management


ORHA offers workshops and seminars to our member locals to improve skills in managing property.  ORHA is a certified provider with the state of Oregon and these courses qualify as hours required for licensed certification. Presenters have extensive experience in the property management field.


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