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The 2019 Oregon Rental Housing Association

Forms Manual is available now! Completely revised.

A must have for any private landlord or property manager.

With the passage of senate bill 608, several forms designed by ORHA have been updated to reflect the changes in the law. This manual is an instructional guide on how and when to use these forms.

Call or stop by your local ROA office to get your copy.

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Oregon Rental Housing Association is now offering the “Application to Rent, Form 1” free to all members.

You will be allowed to print and download the blank form and instructions, by clicking the following links:

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How Can I Get My Tenants To Stay For More Than One Year?

Summer is peak moving season, which means now is the best time to find potential tenants for your rental property. Unfortunately, this also means you’re up against a lot of competition as one of the 28.8 million small business owners in the United States.

So how do you appeal to potential tenants and stay one step ahead of the game compared to other landlords? It’s important your rentals not only appeal to potential tenants but that they also reflect their rental costs.

That said, if you want tenants that are willing to stay for more than one year’s lease, you need to make your rental property appealing in terms of both aesthetics and price.

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Top Tips For New Landlords: What NOT to Do

According to a recent study by, July through September is peak rental season. In fact, there’s a 4.5% difference seen between rental rates in July compared to January. Between relocating for school or work, the nice weather encourages countless people are willing to ship off somewhere new.

That means that there’s no better time to invest in the housing market than right now. One of the most popular ways to profit from the rising industry is by becoming a landlord and renting out housing units to qualified tenants.

Though it might seem like the easiest way to make a quick buck, there’s a lot that goes into maintaining a property and serving as a reputable landlord. At the end of the day, you might face more challenges and losses than successes. Here are some of the things that you shouldn’t do as a landlord when you’re thinking about joining this profession.

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Portland Requires Landlords To Use First-Come-First-Served System To Choose Tenants


In a 3-1 vote, the Portland City Council adopted a sweeping package of regulations Wednesday addressing how landlords screen their prospective tenants.

Passage of the ordinance marks a major accomplishment for Commissioner Chloe Eudaly, who has made renters’ rights her signature issue and spent close to two years working on the policy.

What’s called the “Fair Access In Renting” ordinance creates a first-come-first-served system for rental applications, prioritizes accessible units for people with disabilities, caps the income-to-rent ratio landlords can require of their tenants, and places some limits on the use of credit and criminal histories as criteria for denying a person’s rental application.


ORHA Education Classes

Call your local Association for details

Your Association can provide Continuing Education Certificates that allow you to sharpen your skills and allow continued practice of service in your industry.


1-2 Hour Classes


Class Name

Ask an Attorney - by an attorney

Form #60 - One Form Does It All

Landlording Basics

Maintenance For Rental Owners

Move In's/ Move Out's - Procedures

Property Management 101 LLT Law

Tenant Screening Simplified

The Art Of Collection

Major Disasters - Now What?

Ask A Tax Professional - by a tax person

Establishing Your Rental Policy

How To Attract The Best Tenant

My Tenant Died! Now What?

The Tenant, The Roommate And The Aftermath

So Now You Are A Rental Owner

Eviction/Mediation Role Play

SB 608

Lease Violations


3 - 4 Hour Classes


Class Name

Land Lording 101

Land Lording 102

Land Lording 103

Lease Violations


Maintenance Issues - Do Not Delay

Getting the Best Tenants

Forms Update


Education in Property Management


ORHA offers workshops and seminars to our member locals to improve skills in managing property.  ORHA is a certified provider with the state of Oregon and these courses qualify as hours required for licensed certification. Presenters have extensive experience in the property management field.


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Rental Owners Association of N.E. Oregon - La Grande


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Salem Rental Housing Association

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Southern Oregon Rental Owners Association- Medford

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Oregon Rental Housing Forms are just a click away!

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8. Follow payment directions.  Once complete, PayPal will return to the ORHA forms page to "Print Link."  This link will also be sent to your email address.

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