We have a lot to lose if we don't oppose the bills coming in the legislature.
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February 2017    

President's Letter

- Terry Turner, President ORHA

The 2017 legislature started on February 1st and already bills have been introduced to bring Rent Control to Oregon, to prohibit no cause terminations and to require that rental owners pay for tenant relocation costs. Portland has just instituted the relocation costs and others will follow suit if we don't act NOW!

YOU, as owners and managers need to be prepared to fight for equitable treatment from our legislature. Your representatives need to hear from you. They need to know that these issues matter to you and your business.

Decisions made in Salem based on gut reactions instead of common sense and logic are not good for any Oregonian.

I’m getting calls and emails from all over the state and the unintended consequences for tenants are really sad. Many owners are asking tenants to leave before the 1st year of tenancy is up to avoid the 90 day notice requirement. Worse than that, many owners and managers are stating that they are no longer willing to take a risk on an applicant that has iffy credit or no rental history.

This week alone a property manager told me that in one day three clients called her to let her know that due to the news they heard regarding what to expect from the legislature this session and Governor Brown’s support of these bills, they put their rental property up for sale.

Now more than ever, your membership is important. Together we are a stronger voice.

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Portland Landlords to Pay Relocation Costs

Passed unanimously by the City Council on Thursday, landlords will now have to pay the tenants they evict without cause.

War Against No Cause Evictions coming

Tina Kotek and the Portland Tenants United have declared war against no cause evictions. Read the full story.

Begin Bracing for a Brawl in Salem

This article from the Portland Tribune highlights the destruction of the landlord-tenant coalitions. Click the button for the details.

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President's Letter

Portland Passes Relocation Costs for Tenants

The No Cause Eviction War

Bracing for the Brawl in Salem

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