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March 2017    

President's Letter

- Terry Turner, President ORHA

The call went out and you answered.

ORHA mobilized and many traveled to Salem to attend and testify at the Committee hearings for HB 2004 on March 2nd. There were hundreds of landlords, property managers and investors there in opposition of HB 2004.

Thank you to all of those who were able to travel to Salem and to all of you who called and wrote to your Representatives. They need to know how this disastrous bill could be to your business.

We have not won the fight but, we definitely won the battle on that day. We’ve never had a showing in Salem like this from our members. We must continue, we need every member to be heard now.

Call, write and email Salem.

We need to stop HB 2004!

Watch the Morning Testimony

Watch the Evening Testimony

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March 2nd Legislative Update

-Jim Straub, ORHA Legislative Director

A big thank you to all the overwhelming number of ORHA members who showed up in Salem to testify against House Bill 2004 yesterday, March 2nd. For those of you who were not there, we literally had hundreds of landlords who showed up to testify. It was an incredible and impressive sight.

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AARP Calling For Support of Rent Control

Jerry Cohen, AARP Oregon recently emailed AARP members a letter asking for support of "tenant protections. If you are member of AARP, you need to write and voice your opposition.

Email Jerry Cohen NOW!

Oregon's Complicated History With Rent Control

George Santayana said "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

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Tyranny of the Minority

In its unending search for new victim classes, the Portland City Council voted unanimously to pass an “Emergency” ordinance requiring rapacious landlords to pay tenants relocation expenses upon termination of tenancy without cause or substantive rent increases.

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President's Letter

March 2nd Legislative Update

AARP Calling for Support of Rent Control

Oregon's Complicated History With Rent Control

Facebook Users Needed

Tyranny of the Minority

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