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SEPTEMBER 2018    


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This Primary Election, our industry experienced a tremendous defeat with the loss of Senator Rod Monroe (D-Portland). During the 2017 legislative session, he stood up to Speaker Kotek and the House of Representatives bill to end no-cause termination notices and impose rent control. Unfortunately, that resulted in the advocates taking him out in the Primary election.

We can’t let this happen again. This coming November election is critical. Either, we elect legislators who will help us manage our properties or we may face future set backs with rent control and/or the loss of no-cause evictions.

The Speaker sees the defeat of Senator Rod Monroe as one step closer.

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Mind Your Business – Tia’s Tips for Better Rental Management

Assistance Animals: Best Practices for Landlords

Federal Fair Housing laws prohibit discrimination against people who are members of protected classes, in the advertising, sale or leasing of real estate. For rental owners, that means making exceptions to your standard policies or allowing a modification of the premises in order to allow a member of a protected class (in this case a disabled person) the opportunity to enjoy the dwelling unit the way a nondisabled person could by allowing the keeping of an animal that is not a pet. Under the law, an animal that assists a disabled person is seen as an assistive device.

When it comes to things like wheelchair ramps, visual smoke alarms or shower grab bars, rental owners by and large have no objection to making an exception. Some accommodations such as longer grace periods for rent payments or a dedicated space in a first-come, first-served parking lot, can generate some grumbling. But absolutely nothing causes more upset and opposition than the idea of assistance animals – especially for “no pet” rental owners.

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Accessory unit: A family’s quest stymied

When you see the spot where Marcie Howard and her husband, Gary, would like to build a small house on the property of their son, it’s hard to see why the city of Albany and Mayor Sharon Konopa won’t let them.

The Howards moved to Albany last fall from the north Oregon coast after Gary, 76, had major surgeries close together and was suffering from the effects. They hoped to build a place behind the house of their son, Douglas Howard, on his 1.7-acre property between Broadway Street and the Calapooia River floodplain.

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Understanding the Proposed Screening Criteria Reform in Portland, Oregon

If you haven’t already heard, Commissioner Eudaly’s office has been working on a proposal to regulate tenant applications, along with screenings, approvals, denials, and move-in costs related to residential rental units in Portland, Oregon. Earlier this week, the commissioner released the latest draft of the proposal. I have included a copy at the end of this article, if you want to read the complete text. The Portland City Council is hoping to consider this ordinance during a council meeting in mid to late September. It is important to keep in mind that this is a working draft, so it may change before it officially goes before the city council. As you will see, this is a very comprehensive proposal, so it is worth reading the entire document. I have done my best to summarize the most significant parts for you.

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Security Responsibilities as a Landlord


“What’s my responsibility for security at my rental properties?”

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A Look at Injury Liability for Landlords and Property Managers

Tenant festivities, whether during the busy holiday season, the long days of summer or at any time of the year, are a great way for people to enjoy their home and the amenities your property offers. But sometimes the merry-making — or even the preparations — can land a tenant or one of their guests in the emergency room.

Every year, thousands of people rush to the ER due to falls related to parties or holiday decorating. Other hazards lurk, too — fires from candles and folks taking a dive on the front steps or sidewalk, for example.

So, who is liable for injuries on a rental property — landlord or renter? While you should consult lease agreements, local laws or a lawyer for specifics, these guidelines will help you navigate the most common mishaps.

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Landlord Goes Above and Beyond for His Tenants

There isn't enough positive news for all the hard work and difficult situations that landlords have to deal with on the day to day.  However, despite it all, we wanted to showcase the good that a landlord can do and hope to hear more feel good stories to warm the cockles of our hearts!

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Oregon Landlord’s 90-day Confusion

It’s a beautiful summer day in July and I’m sitting at my desk pondering the hotline calls I have been fielding, currently 4 for the day.  As I begin to dial  the 4th caller, I’m betting to myself that it will be a question centered around the “90-day rule”.  That’s the term I hear often from callers who are mostly private landlords trying to navigate increasingly turbulent waters in the rental industry.

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