May 2024

2024 Eastern Oregon Property Management Seminar

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President's Message

Tia Politi, ORHA President

Looking forward to our May meeting and Property Management Palooza this month in beautiful Hermiston! Committee meetings for the month of May have been scheduled virtually for the Friday before Palooza, May 10th so we can focus on the seminar and board meeting. Hope to see you there virtually or in person.

For those attending the Palooza, a group of us will be heading out to Nookie’s Hermiston Brewing Company – 125 N 1st Street, Hermiston – at 6 p.m. Join us if you can, and thanks to Joe Bachmeier of Bachmeier Property Management in Pendleton for setting it up.

If you’re staying over Saturday night, we’re looking at some options for another fun thing to do that evening, and we’ll share details at the Board Meeting if you wish to join us...

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Office Update

Benjamyn Seamans

Upcoming Board Meeting Details:

Our next board meeting will be May 18th. This meeting will be in-person (Hermiston, Oregon) and virtual – Details were emailed to all delegates on 04/01/2024 and RSVPs were due no later than 11:59 PM Pacific Time on 04/16/2024.

If you have any questions, please contact the ORHA Office. The board packet will be emailed the week of the meeting – Please check your email for details.

Upcoming ORHA Office Closure:

The ORHA Office will be closed – Please expect an Office Closure on the date(s) listed below (please note that emails, voicemails, form orders, and support tickets will all be impacted by the mentioned closure – Please place all local form orders before EOD on 06/10/2024):

  • 06/12/2024 through 06/23/2024

Newsletter Materials:

Do you have any ideas for an upcoming newsletter? Please feel free to email your articles to the ORHA Office – All submissions must be made before the first of the month. 

Thank you for your continued support!

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5 Senators during this election will not be able to run, and 2 Senators are not seeking another term. 12 house seats are up for grabs and in the election 2 years from now, 4 Senators will not be able to run.

Why do we need money? The new replacement candidates do not have wide name recognition and are not well known. We need to help them get their name out and that takes money. We also want candidates that will support Rental Owners in Oregon.

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Mind Your Business: Tia's Tips for Better Rental Management – Bedbugs, Spiders, and Bats, Oh My!

Tia Politi

Pest control in rental properties:  Who’s responsible?

ORS 90.320 clearly requires landlords to turn over a rental property free of pests at the beginning of tenancy but provides little guidance for responsibility for pest control during the tenancy. So, who is responsible when pests invade a rental property? As usual, it depends. The law of damages implies that if a problem was fully or partly caused by the negligence or direct actions of one party or the other, that party is fully or partly responsible for the resulting damage (ORS 90.125). It’s important at the time of move in to use our Pest Agreement – ORHA form #M12, which lists actions the tenant should take to minimize the possibility of an infestation.

Except the requirement for landlords to turn over a unit pest free, there are few clear-cut guidelines, and the following information is simply my opinion based on experience. Determining financial or personal responsibility in any situation requires a bit of...

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In case you missed it from our previous newsletter(s)...

SB 1069 – Electronic Service and Payment Changes

Law Offices of Brian Cox

In Our Ongoing Efforts To Keep You Informed ~ Senate Bill 1069 (2023) makes
significant changes to
ORS 90.155, the written notice statute in Oregon’s Residential Landlord Tenant Act,
that go into effect January 1, 2024
(so you have plenty of times to change your forms/get new forms)

New Way To Serve Written Notices –

The ORLTA currently authorizes three methods for serving written notice: (1) personal service: (2) service by first-class mailing; and, (3) service by posting and first class mailing the same day. Senate Bill 1069 creates a fourth type of service - ‘email and mail’ service. In order to use ‘email-and-mail’ service, the housing provider and resident must, after the tenancy begins and the tenant has occupied the premises, sign a separate addendum to their rental agreement authorizing the use of ‘email-and-mail’ service by the...

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In case you missed it from our previous newsletter(s)...

Oregon Annual Rent Increase Percentage

Senate Bill 611 was signed into law on July 06, 2023. This bill will cap rent increases at 10.0% or 7.0% plus CPI (whichever is lower) – The exemption for new constructions remains at 15 years.

The maximum allowable rent increase percentage for the 2024 calendar year is 10.0% or 7.0% plus CPI (whichever is lower) – The allowable annual rent increase in 2024 is 10.0%. Only one rent increase may be issued in any 12-month period.

The allowable rent increase percentage for the previous year, 2023, was 14.6% if the increase was issued before July 6th, or 10.0% if issued after July 6th. 

For more information on the methodology, calculation, and Consumer Price Index data, see: Maximum Annual Rent Increase, 2024 (Excel File Download).

ORHA appreciates your participation during this legislative season – Please contact the member helpline for your local association with any questions that you may have. If you do not know the contact information for your local association, you can view the information by clicking HERE.

2022-2023 Forms Manual

Contact Your Local Association for Purchase!

Now Available for Purchase!

The 2022 - 2023 Forms Manual is now available for purchase with your local association. To find a local association to purchase your manual, click here.

Education Committee Update

Violet Wilson, Committee Chair

The committee continues to work on updating classes and providing Webinars, as well as in-person classes. 

Forms Manual Seminar: Sign up for this course and learn a wealth of information on which forms to use in what situations, when to use them, and how to properly fill them out. This course will review all the forms in the manual, when to use them, and how to properly fill them out. Topics will include: screening, move-in, operating, violations, and terminations. The course will be offered multiple times so there will many opportunities to attend. Course requires access to the 2022-2023 Forms Manual – For available course dates and times, please click HERE.

Mentor Locals: If your Association has less than one hundred members, you are entitled to support from the ORHA Mentor Program. This includes providing classes to your members at reduced costs, helping set up or reviewing your bylaws, and many other services. Recently, we have worked with ROADC, TVRA, CCROA, ROANEO, MCROA, and UCRHA.

Did you know you could take classes offered by other locals? If you are member of another local, you can ask if a member discount can be provided. Check the ORHA website for class offerings. 

Have other ideas for seminars? Please contact me

Upcoming Events


Odds & Ends of Property Management

05/22/2024 | 04:00 pm


Landlord's Best Practices

05/23/2024 | 01:00 pm


No-Cause Notices

05/23/2024 | 04:00 pm

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