August 2022

President's Message

Tia Politi, ORHA President

July meeting report
The board had a fun and productive meeting in July at the beautiful Oregon Gardens Resort. Comfortable beds in affordable rooms, excellent on-site restaurant (best hotel breakfast ever), lovely gardens to tour, and right in the darling town of Silverton. I hadn’t been there in years and was just reminded of what a charming place this is in our beautiful state. Makes me want to live there!

September Board Meeting & Leadership Dinner
September marks our annual meeting in Bend. Always a great time! Our Leadership Dinner at McMenamins Old St. Francis is scheduled for Friday, September 16th after Committee Meetings earlier in the day. This is a great opportunity to share a yummy dinner, hear updates on our committees, and the direction we are heading for the next year. Attendance is open to officers of our local chapters, along with committee chairs and/or delegates, up to two per association, and each guest can bring a plus one. Hope to see you there!

Bylaws change, Finance Committee
At the July meeting, we voted in a minor change in our bylaws regarding who may chair the Finance Committee. We removed the Treasurer from that position and now require that the chair be someone on the committee other than them. Thanks much to Lance Leseuer, President of the Klamath Falls ROA, for stepping up to fill that role. Other committee members include...

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Salem Garden Photos (July 2022)

Office Update

Benjamyn Seamans

Hello all, I look forward to seeing the group for our September meetings in Bend! On Friday September 16, 2022, ORHA will be having their committee meetings – If you are a delegate and would like to join a committee meeting, please email for the schedule and links (this notice was recently emailed out). Friday evening, ORHA will be hosting their Leadership Dinner and this invite has recently been emailed out as well.

Additionally, on Saturday September 17, 2022, ORHA will be having their September board meeting – If you are a delegate and would like to join the board meeting, please email for the meeting link and required NDA. Board Members, please keep an eye out in your email during the week of 09/12/2022 for the board packet – Presenters, please have your board packet reports submitted to NO LATER THAN 09/05/2022.

Lastly, on Sunday September 18, 2022, ORHA will be having an ORHA Education Inc. Meeting from 09:00 am – 10:00 am in Tia’s Hotel Suite.

If you plan on attending the Bend meetings, an online RSVP is required for both virtual and in-person attendance. We will have a private meeting room all day Friday and Saturday; however, due to lodging contract terms/restrictions and budgetary restrictions – ORHA was not able to secure a room block for lodging. Members will be responsible for securing their own lodging and this is explained in further details on the Board Meeting Notice. The Board Meeting Notice and Reservation details were recently emailed out – If you have any questions, please email

We have recently completed setting up our new ORHA emails for Executive Committee Members and ORHA Committee Chairs. Please see the following update...

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Eugene Rental Code UPDATE on when the Tenants Rights handout and the Rental History forms will be available.

Please read the message below from:

Genevieve MiddletonCommunity Development Grants Manager
City of Eugene | Planning & Development

"On July 11, 2022, City Council adopted Ordinance 20670, which will go into effect on August 13, 2022. Since City Council adopted the ordinance, staff have been updating associated Administrative Rules to comply with the new ordinance. These rules will provide additional information, such as how to photo document dwellings. All associated documents will be finalized once the administrative rules are updated. Staff anticipates this will happen in September 2022. Until that time, City of Eugene staff will not be enforcing the new policies outlined in the ordinance."

Please scroll down to view the article written by Tia Politi on the Updated Rental Code.

Mind Your Business: Tia's Tips for Better Rental Management

Updated City Code Regulations for Eugene Landlords

Beginning August 13, 2022, the Ordinance enacts the following restrictions:

Security deposits and deposit accounting

  • Prior to a new tenancy beginning, the owner/agent must provide the tenant with documentation of the condition of the rental home and receive written confirmation that the tenant has received and reviewed the documentation.
    • The documentation must include photos and a written report. The Unit Condition Report (formerly the Check-In/Check-Out Report) should satisfy the written report requirements.
(No word on what will happen if the tenant refuses to sign, so Eugene landlords are advised to document any refusals in writing.)
  • At the time of deposit accounting the owner/agent must provide not only the written accounting of charges against the deposit, but also provide documentation on the condition of the rental home and a written statement describing the condition or damage the landlord believes justifies the charges. This documentation must include:
    • Photo documentation showing the condition of the rental home, including any appliances provided for use by the tenant.
    • A written statement describing the condition of the rental home, including appliances, and noting any damage.
Rental references
  • Up to twice per calendar year and within five (5) business days of receiving a written request by the tenant, the owner/agent shall provide a rental reference utilizing a form approved by the city manager (in development).
Lease up
  • At the time of lease-up, the owner/agent must provide to the tenant a Tenant’s Rights Notification. This form will include information regarding the rights and obligations of landlords and tenants regarding tenancy termination as well as information about the requirements of the Eugene Rental Housing Code utilizing a form approved by the city manager which is in development. (We’ll send another eblast when the forms are complete.)
Screening fees...
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ORHA Legislative Update

Jason Miller, ORHA Legislative Director

The White House recently held a virtual Summit on building lasting eviction prevention reform. The summit consisted of various speakers from across the United States from different agencies and municipalities, including Oregon Housing and Community Service’s Andrea Bell. Each speaker talked about programs their agency or municipality used to prevent evictions during the pandemic. I suspect the White House is looking at some or all of these programs for ideas in implementing a nationwide program.

In Michigan, like Oregon, evictions were paused while waiting for rental assistance to arrive, Michigan also increased tenant access to legal counsel. In New Mexico tenants were given increased access to legal representation and when a Housing Provider accepts rental assistance there is a mandatory extension of the tenant’s lease. In New Orleans eviction cases are diverted to an emergency rental assistance administrator or other supportive services. Philadelphia required tenants and Housing Providers to participate in a mediation program when an eviction is filed. While in Colorado a rental assistance fund was established where checks could be issued immediately to prevent evictions. 

Everyone spoke to how successful the programs were in preventing evictions and homelessness, which is a great thing, but did not speak to the impact these programs had on Housing Providers, the rental market and the economy.

To see the summit in this white house briefing, click "Read More" below.

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Insurance Tip of the Month
Lance Lesueur, KROA


My wonderful Rental Owner Friends.

One of the biggest bangs for the buck in the insurance world is an Umbrella Policy.  Where on earth, for about 50 cents a day, can you get a million-dollar attorney retainer?  With an umbrella policy you can cover ALL your rentals with at least a million-dollar liability coverage above your primary policy liability limits.  Some people will want to have high limits of liability on their better more expensive rentals and have low liability limits on the rentals on the HUD type rentals. However, in our society, with its litigious nature, you can be sued by any tenant no matter what their income level.  Of course, the more assets you have, the more the need for more than a million-dollar umbrella. If you have 10 million dollars in assets a million-dollar umbrella is not enough to protect those assets.  

So, call your agent.  The higher the limits of liability you have, the more likely the insurance company is going to stick with you instead of writing a check and saying goodbye.

Remember the “Large Print Giveth and the Small Print Taketh Away”

Housing Provider Tip of the Month
Rick Newton, CCROA


Often I work by myself and don’t seem to have enough hands, which lead me to find many uses for the hot glue gun.

I was building a medium dog house, and couldn’t hold things straight while I put the screws in. Finally, in frustration, I went and got the hot glue gun, and assembled the whole dog house (except the shingle roof) pretty quickly.  Then I took the screw gun and installed all the screws in in nothing flat.

Another thing I have found hot glue good for is if replacing just one tile, hot glue it in and grout.  I found the hot glue will actually pull some of the cement board off with it removed, when I had glued up a test pattern of tile.

If you need to put a washer on the back or under something, just a bit of hot glue will hold it for assembly.  I had to build a mini-hexagon tapered roof of cedar for a decorative project, there was no way to clamp anything, and hot glue filled the bill very well.  It sticks to the wood well enough to pull the wood apart before the glue will fail.  There are endless possibilities for the use of this helper.

BUT—I got a call from a tenant of my fathers when my father was out of town because a waterline had broken.  In the swimming pool under the house, I found that a phantom, my father claimed it wasn’t him, had hot glued the pcv water pipe connection together—IT DOESN’T WORK FOR PLUMBING.

Special Offer for Attic Insulation
Increased Incentives for Natural Gas Heated Homes (through 10/31/2022)

CLEAResult, working with the Engery Trust of Oregon, has special attic insulation incentives for landlords that heat their home with Natural gas in Oregon.

For jobs installed by October 31st 2022, landlords can get for attic insulation at $1.25 per square foot.  The existing insulation must be R-11 or less and the landlord must insulate to R-38 or greater or fill cavity.

As always, all homes in Malheur County are eligible for $1,000.00 on a gas furnace 90% or greater AFUE. This must be home’s primary heat source and this offer is not eligible for gas furnaces used as backup for high-efficiency heat pumps, also known as hybrid systems. Additionally, a CO monitor is required on every floor with a bedroom.

Please contact Derrick C. Noll for questions, 

Derrick C. Noll, Account Manager (Residential)
Working with Energy Trust of Oregon
CLEAResult, Program Management Contractor 
100 SW Main, Suite 1500, Portland, OR 97204
(208) 964-0412 Direct |

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