ORHA Classes

    Name Hours Notes
    Abandoned Property 1
    Acts of God and other disaster 2
    Dealing with Volatile Tenants 3
    Eviction  1
    Forms (review of all current forms) 3 New updates in 2022
    Horror Stories 3
    Eviction  3 Also comes in 1 or 2 hrs 
    Final Accounting 1
    Getting Started in Property Management 1
    Housing Provider 101 3
    Housing Provider 102 3
    Housing Provider 103 3
    Inspections 1
    Landlord Guarantee Program 1
    Law Update 2021 3
    Legislative update 2021
    Managing your tenants 3
    Marijuana and Landlords 3
    Odds and Ends of Property Management 3
    Radon 1
    Roberts Rule of Order 1
    Screening Tenants 1
    Stupid Things Landlords Do 3
    Temporary Occupants 1
    Terminating Tenancies 3
    Classes of less than 3 hours may be combined
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