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Dedicated to Good Policy for Landlords and Managers

Oregon Rental Housing Association is operated primarily by volunteers and a small staff all dedicated to supporting the mission of the state association.

The Association consists of 14 local organizations, all unique and House in handsdynamic in their own way. They are all dedicated to the same core principles: training and educating owners about changes in laws and providing educational opportunities to help do their jobs better.

Oregon Rental Housing Association is the only state association whose focus is the smaller rental owner/operator. Most of our members have between one and ten units.

Oregon Rental Housing Association has a strong reputation of fighting for rental owners' and managers' interests in the public policy arena. Whether it is the Oregon Legislature or local City Halls, the association cares about affecting laws that will impact landlords.

For years, Oregon Rental Housing Association has fought off the interests that have wanted to impose rent control legislation. Each time the association has been successful in defeating the proposals ... most recently during the legislative session.

Most important, Oregon Rental Housing has experts in landlord/tenant law watching and fighting for changes which will allow rental owners and managers to conduct their business with the least amount of regulation and the most protection from tenants who abuse their rights.

Want More Information About Joining? Contact the Chapter Near You.

Central Oregon ROA

Contact: COROA Office
(541) 323-6110

Clatsop County ROA

Contact: Rick Newton
(503) 338-2279

Douglas County ROA 

Contact: Benjamyn Seamans
(503) 210-1888


Klamath ROA

Contact: KROA Office
(888) 983-4212

Lane County ROA

Contact: ROA Office
(541) 485-7368

Linn-Benton RHA

Contact: Althea Madison
(541) 754-6851 or (541) 286-5033

Mid-Columbia ROA 

Contact: John Fredrickson
(541) 397-0088

ROA of Northeast Oregon

Contact: Joel Hasse
(541) 786-1333


Portland Area ROA

Contact: Christian Bryant

(503) 364-5468


Salem RHA

Contact: Sibylle Beck
(503) 370-4020

Southern Oregon ROA

Contact: SOROA Office
(541) 842-7676

ROA of S.w. Oregon

Contact: Regina Gabbard
541-756-0347 ext. 8212

Treasure Valley RA

Contact: Cindy McLeran
(541) 313-8777

Umatilla County RHA

Contact: Lavonne Stephens
(541) 379-5508


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The Oregon Rental Housing Association (ORHA) is a non-profit educational landlord association -- ORHA Board Members, Mentors, Staff, and/or other related ORHA affiliates do not give legal advice. Please be advised that any information provided  is no substitute for professional legal counsel and any advice or guidance given does not constitute legal advice.  Please consult an attorney for legal advice related to your specific situation.

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