EVICTIONS! An in-depth training on the complete eviction process

  • Tuesday, June 28, 2022
  • 11:30 AM - 2:30 PM
  • Virtual

EVICTIONS! An in-depth training on the complete eviction process

Brought to you by the Portland Area Rental Owners Association

Are you confident in your ability to evict a tenant? Do you know what small, honest mistakes are responsible for the majority of lost eviction cases? These mistakes can add weeks or even months to the time it takes until your tenant is evicted. Some can even result in counter-suits that cost landlords thousands of dollars. This class will cover everything eviction related from beginning to end. 

    Where? Virtual Zoom Class - The links to join the webinar and to download the class materials will be sent out in the reminder emails 1-2 days before the class including one hour before class start.

    Presenter? Christian Bryant – President of IRC Real Estate & Property Management (www.IRCEnterprises.com),  Real Estate & Property Management Education (www.RPMEducation.org), and NW Real Estate Investors Association (www.NorthWestREIA.com).

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    Check-in / Chat Room Networking starts 30 minutes before class start time so be sure to get connected early so you don't miss part of the class dealing with connection issues. We will try to start as close to exactly on time as possible.

    There will be scheduled Q&A breaks during the class, but if we can't get to your questions during class we always stick around to answer questions for up to 15 minutes after the class ends.

    You must cancel at least 7 days prior to the class to be eligible for a refund.


    For questions about this class please email us at Info@PortlandAreaROA.com

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