Mentorship Program Update

Tuesday, March 08, 2022 4:04 PM | Benjamyn Seamans (Administrator)

By: Benjamyn Seamans + Cloud Miller
March 8, 2022

Local associations with less than 100 paid members qualify to receive help under the ORHA Mentorship Program. The ORHA Mentorship Program is designed to assist with the scheduling and hosting of our thoughtfully curated educational webinars. If your association qualifies for the program, please feel free to view our list of available classes and reach out to to schedule your class today!

Not convinced yet? Check out what our participants have to say!

“Starting a new Association can be daunting and even rebooting old membership for an established Association can be difficult. Not enough volunteers to do the work or not enough money to pay employees to do the emails, or update the Association website, or find places for training events or even getting get the word out about a class that you can do, have all been problems for a small association such as ours.  Especially during all of the Pandemic period.

Thank goodness ORHA has been helping us!  The new ORHA mentorship program has been extremely helpful in getting our members valuable information about so many changing state laws.  We have been so successful with ORHA providing virtual monthly training to our members and allowing us to grow our membership with education. Of course, we make more money from outside members and non-members attending the classes ORHA provides, as they are available online to anyone, but providing education has really gotten our name out to Landlords that want to join our association for the discounts in Landlord forms, manuals, and education. 

The ORHA mentorship program has provided Virtual Monthly Webinars and have advertised it across the state to all its members.  So far, we have had 12 classes with 187 Attendees in the last year!  That’s very significant for an association with only 54 paid members. This program has been outstanding for us and we can’t thank ORHA  and Violet Wilson, the ORHA Education Chair, enough for what they do for us.  If you have not taken advantage of this program, I urge you to contact ORHA immediately.”
-Treasure Valley Rental Association (TVRA)

“ROADC is extremely grateful for the Mentorship and all the work that Violet Wilson, our Education Committee Chair has done to put this together! ROADC currently has 83 paid members and taught 9 webinars with a total 168 attendees in 2021.”
-Rental Owners Association of Douglas County (ROADC)

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