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Wednesday, June 07, 2023 10:48 AM | Benjamyn Seamans (Administrator)

By: Tia Politi, ORHA President
June, 2023

The second annual Property Management Palooza seminar in May was a great success. This year we were able to offer in-person and virtual options with the technological expertise of ORHA Technology Director, Cloud Miller, and ORHA Office Manager, Ben Seamans. Virtual attendees were able to participate and ask questions with Ben Seamans moderating. A lot of work to plan, advertise, set up and clean up, but we had so many volunteers!

THANK YOU to Joanne Williams, Treasurer for the Rental Owners Association of Douglas County (ROADC) (and soon to be ROADC president), who owns Centerpointe Property Management in Roseburg. She graciously allowed us to use her conference room for our committee meetings the day before and sold forms and books to attendees all day.

THANK YOU to Chuck DeSerrano, board member of the Salem Rental Housing Association, and Minh Tang and Phillip Wassom, board members of ROADC who helped set up, tear down and pitched in wherever they were needed throughout the day.

THANK YOU to Veda Bell, Treasurer for the Treasure Valley Rental Association who worked the registration table throughout the day, and pitched in wherever she was needed.

THANK YOU to Rusty Allen and Leni Roper of ROADC who kept the in-person crowd well-refreshed with tempting treats.

THANK YOU to Maria Menguita who helped promote our event on social media.

THANK YOU to my fantastic co-instructors, Christian Bryant, president of the Portland Area ROA, and owner of IRC Enterprises, and property manager Violet Wilson, of the Salem RHA, who chairs the Education/Mentoring Committee, and serves as ORHA Secretary. Both are frequent instructors for their chapters and others around the state and donated their teaching time to benefit our sister chapter.

THANK YOU to those of you around the state who made the trip or logged on to attend. We raised more than $1800 to support our sister association and we appreciate your support.

And finally, THANK YOU AGAIN to ORHA Technology Director, Cloud Miller who manages our online Forms Store, and ORHA Office Manager, Ben Seamans, both of whom continue to propel ORHA into the new age. Their outsized contributions to our success at this event and to our association cannot be overstated.

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